Did you know that art creates the same chemical responses as love?

New reaserch has found that looking at art releases the feel-good chemical dopamine, the same chemical which is released when you’re in love. 


~ Fall in love with art ~ Paintings to stir your senses and rouse your soul


A magical world is waiting for you. Step through the wardrobe and down the rabbit hole. Let your imagination take flight and join me in my fantastical world of fine art.

Dynamic paintings created with sumptuous acrylic paint – romantic pastels accentuated with strokes of velvety black.

From twinkling cityscapes of stately home proportions to perfectly petite portraits, each magical collection takes on a life and energy of its own. A secret garden with shimmering butterflies and exotic birds to lions which empower and inspire. A fanciful wonderland of pleasure and desire.
Come with an open heart, be inspired, and allow yourself to fall in love with art.

With Love,



Art and life 

Born in England 1983, I’m a contemporary painter with a style characterised by fantastical realism. My artworks often depict the natural world, and characters from literature, fables, and fairy-tales.

I create dynamic and intricate high-contrast paintings with romantic pastels and shimmering metallic acrylic paint. In addition to my figurative works, which include allegories and portraits, I paint landscapes.

My paintings are currently enjoyed in private collections, in cities including: London, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Each collection has a sophisticated nature reminiscent of my stylistic influences; including the Pre-Raphaelites; Art Deco; and contemporary Fashion Photography and Illustration.


Simone Kilworth 2016

United Kingdom